"This is a must for all" Michael Morpurgo

HI, Chris Holland here... a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller, publisher and musician with a mission to remind us we are all part of nature.

This site is the home of my digital media, products & courses for nature connection & creative, playful outdoor education. 

These resources help spread wonder, love & hope for our natural world.

 "Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths, Author of Wild & Kith

I love my World FREE SAMPLE

This is a free sample from my paperback book I love my world...The playful hands-on guide to nature connection.
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I love my world - paper free version

"This is a must for all" Michael Morpurgo. Free sections... have a peek! Over 8000 copies sold.
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The NEST playbook for families

A video based, nature-story led, playful learning course for families that's "bursting with ideas".
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The Storyteller's Playbook - for teachers and educators

"This course is inspirational" Video based, storytelling short course with loads of outdoor learning ideas.
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Natural Musicians - A sample

The game changing way to teach music, nature connection and create community...try The Name Drumming circle
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Natural Musicians ONLINE facilitation training SET 1

A confidence building adventure in facilitating moments of natural connection and musical oneness.
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The Storytelling for outdoor learning Year Course

12 more stories to develop your storyteller's voice. "This course is absolutely incredible."
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NEST for families.

The full video based, nature-story led, playful learning course for families that's "bursting with ideas".
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Fundijeri - fun didgeridoo music from Chris Holland

Here's my first didgeridoo Album, finished in 2007 Some of the tracks were recorded in Kangaroo Valley, Australia, others in Surrey and Exeter, England I am inspired by natural sounds, rhythms and landscapes... also the sacred. Here you will find a mixture of music influenced by various stimuli including a cranky cement mixer, the beautiful call of the Australian Magpie, the deep earth and daydreaming while cleaning your teeth. I hope you enjoy it. It was difficult to choose a track to let you listen to for free... but in the end I chose the upbeat Tea's Up! It's a layered track based on the rhythm of an old cement mixer... and was a lot of fun making. Hence fun-didgeridoo-music or Fundijeri!  
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Whole Learning story pack bundle

All the stories and mid term plans from the Storytelling for outdoor learning year course. Save £210!
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Whole Learning story pack 1: How Dragonfly came to be

An enjoyable and engaging creation story with fun activities and lots of links to mini beasts and numeracy.
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Whole Learning story pack 2 - How Robin got his red breast

 A hearty tale about courage, doing the best you can with what you've got, and standing up for what you love.
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Whole Learning story pack 3 - The Rainbow Makers

An Achomawi myth about how Rainbows came to be, that links to teamwork, climate change and thinking as if all life matters.
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Whole Learning story pack 4: The Wise Fool

A light hearted and witty wisdom tale from France about creative conflict resolution, marketplace and jesters of old.
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Whole Learning story pack 5: Why frogs are timid

A didgeridoo accompanied tale from Australia about the power of words, growth mindset and watching the weather.
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Whole Learning story pack 6: Grandfather Rock and the Coming of Stories

A folk tale from North American about how stories came to be, how rocks support life, and the power of bringing our voice to the world.
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Whole Learning story pack 7: The World Fruit Tree

An engaging and musical story from the heart of the rainforest about how fruit came to grow all over the world.
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Whole Learning story pack 8: Fox Brings Fire

A dramatic tale of empathy, survival, volcanoes and the secret of how Fire came to be hidden in the trees.
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Whole Learning story pack 9: The Glass Cupboard

A modern fairy tale about give and take, making best of an unfortunate event and the wisdom of a generous and humble King.
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Whole Learning story pack 10: The Old Oak Tree and the Young Oak Tree

A British story about the seasons, dealing with change, coping with fears, the wisdom of elders and a song to unite it all.
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Whole Learning story pack 11: Mikku and the Trees

A Latvian tale about loss, the generosity and harshness of nature, and the carelessness of adolescence.
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Whole Learning story pack 12: The Curupira and the Greedy Hunter

An Amazonian folk tale about respect for traditions and the folly and selfishness of human greed.
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The whole-tarp-awning - a British made tarpaulin/awning

This is for a real tarp... not an online course!!! Fit a whole class under this British made tarp in rain and shine.
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Loads of nature story led fun stuff to do for families:
Art, storytelling, games, and so much more
with CBBC special guest, Chris Holland.