Chris Holland's Affiliate Programme by Chris Holland

Chris Holland's Affiliate Programme

How to Earn 20% commission by recommending my products and courses!



Yum!  Come and have a share of the cake! (and 20% is more than the slice marked in the photo!)

Here you will find simple step by step instructions on how to turn on your affiliate settings and start earning some extra money promoting my nature connection resources.

Why? More more more!!! I would like you to help me to help
  • more people to become better storytellers & feel more confident in themselves, 
  • people feel more at home on this beautiful planet, 
  • humans be more connected to and caring for nature, 
  • and help them be more able to share the wonders of nature with students and each other.

It's as easy as copying and posting a link to put on an email or social media post!

"Becoming an affiliate is about making money for us both, through encouraging people to become more connected to self, each other and nature." 

For transparency's sake I want you to know that part of my reason for creating this Storytelling for outdoor Learning Course, and my other resources, is so that hopefully one day I can achieve my dreams of buying some land and turning it into a haven for nature.

But it is bigger than that. It's also about helping other to find their storytellers voice and help thousands more connect with nature, themselves and each other.

Do you have any dreams you want to achieve? Perhaps your commission can go towards helping you achieve them too.

More More More!!
I have big ambitions for the storytelling course, and my other resources and courses.

I would like to get at least 10,000 people enrolled on The Storytelling for Outdoor Learning course!

I hope you would like to join me in promoting these resources, as I hope they will be for the greater good of all.



PS the cake was made by amazing herbalist and off-grid medicinal herb farmer Helen Kearney of Elder Farm

What's included?

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Hello and Thank you!
Watch this video first... it shows you how to turn on the affiliate links
Getting started...A slice of Quiche anyone?!
3 mins
How to post an affiliate link to Facebook
How to post an affiliate link to
3 mins
Sending emails with the affiliate links.
Email Example 1 - stand alone email.
Example email 2 - About the Storytelling Course - the follow up
Example email 3 - About The Storytelling Course - final call
Screen shot examples of your dashboard
This is what it will look like when you are ready to receive sales
How will I get paid?
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nature connection

HI, Chris Holland here...  I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller and musician.

This site is the home of my inspirational digital media for nature connection and creative, playful outdoor learning. 

I have been helping people of all ages connect with nature, each other and themselves since 2000.

I hope these resources help spread wonder, love and hope for our natural world.

 "Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths, Author of Wild & Kith

"Do you know what? This  course is INSPIRATIONAL!" Sara Collins - Forest school Leader

"This book is a must"  Michael Morpurgo, Author of Warhorse