Stick Microphones

Using a stick, string and natural objects to make a microphone for capturing recordings of nature sounds.

I love this activity. It's perfect for developing fine motor skill for children, and an arty activity for all, with a lot of scope for inventiveness, creativity and humour.

It's fascinating to see what people make, and what they go hunting for.

I frame this activity in different ways to suit the age or interest.

One way is as if we are wildlife documentary makers searching for unheard of before sounds. I have also framed it as though we are looking for sound effects for comics. I am sure you will have fun! 

Once you have heard the sound from the microphones you could do the the previous activity, a Found Sound Round. You could ask the participants to choose one sound from their recording library and use that to join in with a Found Sound Round.
Stick Microphones
NM Stick MIcrophones wm.mp4
4 mins