A Found Sound Round

This is another one of the most often used Natural Musicians Activities.

It encourages interpretation, creative thinking and expression, listening skills and helps people see that there are many ways to perceive the world, to experience an object.

So often we humans give a name to a place or thing...and that is where the relationship ends. It has a name.

But everything is a world in itself. A seed is a whole plant, waiting to unfold. If we touch one part of the web of life it is connected to every other part. A rock, seemingly 'dead' and inert, could be full of tightly bonded crystals that dissolves into salts vital to the life many creatures.

Every place or thing will give rise to different feelings in a person.
(Here I feel frustration with the English language because I know a thing or place is not an isolated object... it is a manifestation of a system, it is relational)

Standing infront of an interpretation board can help us understand some facts about somewhere or some 'thing'.

It is an objective relationship.

What about the equally valid subjective relationship?

How do we feel in that place? Isn't that kind of relationship, that feeling, that 'vibe', just as important?

Moving back towards the Found Sound Round activity...

Two people could choose, for example,  a leaf from the same species of plant and be moved to express it in very different ways.

We all have our own perspective on the world and this activity helps people bring that unique perspective to a group and share it and have it witnessed.

That's part of being a team, right?

This activity involves developing a personal interpretation of nature and being in an 'orchestra', a team of Natural Musicians and taking it in turns to be the conductor.

A Found Sound Round
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5 mins
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