This is one of the signature activities of the Natural Musicians course. 

Everyone has a name. 

Everyone has syllables in their name and can make a rhythmic pattern with them. 

So everyone can join in.

Even the youngest. 

Depending on the age, we will need to approach it slightly differently. 

Have a look at the video and then come back to the rest of this description for a few tips, ... (or read on now if you like)

When working with younger children we build up to the layering name rhythms onto the pulse; 
  • firstly by getting them individually to use two sticks to beat out name patterns on the ground or logs etc
  • they can then work in pairs or friendship groups to teach each other their name patterns
  • we then have a go in a circle to teach each other our name patterns.
  • with younger children or larger groups I will still not try the layering of name rhythms into the pulse just yet, but start by making up a simple pattern and then getting the participants to copy it, adding their sound to the whole one at a time until everyone is copying.
  • I might not do all this on one session, but break it up, and repeat earlier steps over a few weeks
  • when they are used to doing this then we can try doing the name drumming circle
  • you don't have to use your names... it could be anything... names of tree, flowers, creatures... (common or scientific names...scientific names are fun to work with) 

Theres a few ways you can end the drumming circle for example... by stepping in and dramatically use a flourish to cut the music....asking people to stop playing their sound one my one, by stepping in and slowly reducing the volume... or bringing it to a crescendo first and then finishing...

I hope you have a lot of fun!

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