Welcome and Warm up

Here is video from the simple and fun introductory welcome and warm up to the Natural Musicians Facilitators Training Weekend, held at Trill Farm in September 2018. 

The Flow for the welcome went like this:
  1. Gather in a circle
  2. We did a name round; shared our names, a favourite place near where we live and something we were grateful for that day
  3. I led an animal forms stretch (up tall like a giraffe, look from side to side like a deer,  knuckles on the ground like a gorilla, hands on the ground like a bear, bum in the air like a dog stretching, move forward like a cat, move your head like a cobra, move your toes forward like a caterpillar, curl up and stretch out like a fern, spread your wings out wide like a butterfly etc....) and then a 
  4. Body wake and shake
  5. We played Emu Tag (inspired by a mosquito tag game I learnt from Victoria Mew)
  6. Played Squirrels in a Tree  - Thanks to Tracy McIver for this one)

Not all of the welcome was videoed because we felt you would be able to do your own intros and warm ups as appropriate to your setting/needs/group etc.

Welcome and Warm up
NM Welcome and warm-up wm.mp4
5 mins