Here's a simple song you can do using the guiros, or without. It's got a samba-esque feel to it.

The words came to me after I had been wishing for some inspiration based on the tradition of call and response songs. 

In my childhood I remember being awestruck at the dance and song of  Maasia warriors and other tribes people in Kenya. In my late teens I came upon RealWorld studios in Bath, drawn in by the world music they were creating and encouraging... l loved the male Arabic call and response songs I heard on the CD's.  I also really enjoyed Minne the Moocher!

I wanted something that could help us celebrate the things, feelings and atmospheres we encounter on a walk in nature. I am so grateful to have been given something that can create a shared song from time on the land


I frame this activity in a two basically different ways,  however the overall framing is to tell people that now we are going to forage for some lines for a group song or chant. 

The two differences come on how I want people to gather the words for the song:
  1. Either physically  - and to bring back an object that they can 'show and tell'
  2. Or mentally as a memory/moment from their wander.

These ways are usually determined by the length of time I have for the activity, or by the focus of the activity.

For a quick activity... choose option 1.
For a longer more reflective, exploratory or adventurous activity, try option 2!

Apologies for the film... I was using a chest mount for my phone to film this and I pointed it a wee bit too low.

Originally when I made up the words there was no 'a' after the 'I went and found'.

When I shared my new big idea with a Mat Clements, a friend who teaches drumming in Scotland,  he suggested adding the 'a'... it made the rhythm more suggestive and relaxed. So thanks to Mat for the 'a'.

I especially like the way he suggested adding the 'a', because his company and website is

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