Call and response - a history and a few ideas

As I mentioned in the section above, "I went and found a", call and response songs have fascinated me for years. The inclusivity and the connectivity. 

While creating the resources for this course I looked into the tradition of call and response songs. Here is some of what I found.
Call and response - a history and a few ideas
Read this first please
The neuroscience of singing and why it's good for us
Possibly the first Arabic style call and response songs I heard
A history of call and response songs (US perspective)
Turkeys gobbling call and response
How to lead Call and Response for Drum Circles and Health Rhythms
A Funeral in Ghana: Call and Response with Xylophone Music (Wa, Upper West Region)
Call and response -Clapping, Voice and Body percussion warm ups
FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm) original version by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg
40 call and response songs
An Arabic Chant That Means Welcome
علي جاسم ومحمود التركي ومصطفى العبدالله - تعال (حصرياً) | 2018 | Jassim & Alturky & Al-Abdullah
Listening in Nature blog about chicadees... or as we call them in UK tits or titmice