Hello and welcome to the Natural Musicians facilitators training course!

My vision for course is to help us humans, that's you, me, our students and friends to develop connection and playfully express and celebrate the musicality of moments, places, things and systems... for fun and developing a hearty connection with the earth and the living being we share it with. 

I sometimes wonder why flocks of crows, jackdaws and rooks dance and play in the wind...they seem to be having such fun, in the flow. Are they celebrating the moment and the energy moving across the land, or simply an expression of it?

I like to think that the Natural Musicians course can help us celebrate and move in a similar way, and then , in due course as a group of 'Natural Musicians' we can help other people play and celebrate Nature in this musical way too, and bring a bit more harmony to the world.

It's a journey into nature, music and energy for ourselves and our students.

Thank you so much for joining the troupe! 

Who's else is on the team? 

We are teachers, parents, musicians and playmakers, children and adults alike, with a love of nature, a listening ear and a sense of fun...and for a pictorial example... here's a few colourful folk from Ireland who came on a training with me.

Ok, so we are not all gathered together in one country, but like minstrels of old, we wander the land helping people to find musicality in nature, and inside themselves. 

This course is a number of videos from a whole weekend of training... as well as extra examples 'captured' over the last few years. The idea is to inspire you in your facilitation of musicality... you don't even have to be a 'musician' to lead these activities!

NO instruments required!

Here you have everything 'condensed', the essential oil as it were... so may you breathe in some of the vibration, be infused, and breathe out again... ready to share some of the fun and laughter that comes with these activities. 


I can't quite believe it but I just heard a green woodpecker call its laughing call through the window behind me!! Nature is with us, or at least having a laugh at us...!!! 

The rest of this section gives you a personal insight of the story of the activities and ideas, as well as the underlying musical journey I undertook to get to the point of creating the activities... and it's a journey I hope to continue... until a my body rests in piece!

The following sections are videos with a brief introduction.

So, I trust you will find all the videos useful and inspiring and get you wriggling with excitement about leading some of the activities they illustrate. 

And do send me feedback of what worked for you and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the course.



Natural Musicians ONLINE facilitation training SET 1

Helping you facilitate moments of musical oneness.

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