About Listening, child's play and getting into the flow

When I say "listen!" 

What do you start to listen to? 

We don't need to have ears to listen... we can also listen with our hearts, our bodies.

Are you listening to the whole world around you? Listening to a feeling or sensation in your body? Listening to the chatter in your mind? Humdrum? The wind in the trees?

There are so many things we could be listening to. Listening to Listening to our souls speaking, listening to the voices of birds and the drumming of insects's legs, listening to the rhythms of trees... 

We could also be listening with our imaginations... what sound moss makes as it grows or a song a beetle hums to itself as it goes about its business. If a leaf could express itself with sound as it falls from a tree how might is sound? 

Many of the natural musicians activities invite you to listen and imagine, to think creativity.

The activities also invite you to enter into child's play, a place where anything is possible and in this case, musical!

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