Opening Story and Song

The Story is a favourite tale from Scotland, as told by Duncan Williamson, a Scottish traveller and storyteller.

The percussive nature of the sound effects are a perfect way to get people engaged in drumming, and also to remind people about the negative impacts of showing off!

The song is I am awake!!

This is a song to sing loud and help you open up your windpipes.

The words are my own, but the tune comes from a song that drum master and social activist Babatunde Olatunji reputedly sang often in the shower while living in New York... I changed the lyrics to:

“I am awake, I am alive, and I am ready, ready for the day. 
Me and my body, me and my body, me and my body are well!! (repeat 8 times with optional moving shaking rubbing, body percussing your body.)
I am awake, I am alive, and I am grateful, oh so grateful for the day.

May you feel full of vitality after singing it!
Opening Story and Song
Meet them where they are at.
The Rabbit's Tail Story.mp3
9 mins
The Rabbits Tail.mp4
12 mins
I am awake! I am alive!.mp4
4 mins
I am awake, I am alive!.mp3
5 mins