One communal bell tent provided - reserve a space!
4m & 5m Bell Tents can be hired for £90.

Tea making stuff and coffee and healthy snacks provided... there will be a kettle on and an open fire going much of the time....I also will bring a couple of large cooking pans you can borrow to fry things on...

so I reckon you will need:

Sleeping stuff - bag, roll mat, pillow.
Wash kit
Food for two lunches and two breakfasts, extra snacks
Clothing for the weather and season
Cup bowl cutlery
Notebook and pen
Musical instruments if you want.

The Natural Musicians Training Course 'Set 1' at Trill Farm 20/22nd September 2019

Discover a whole suite of new, musical nature connection activities that develop creative thinking, personal musicality, teamwork and quite possibly some harmony with the planet too!

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