I love my world by Chris Holland

I love my world

The 'must have' nature connection guidebook now in an online course format

"This is a must!" - Michael Morpurgo

Self published and in book form over 7000 copies sold!

Now online and in colour!

Want more ideas of things to do outside with family and friends?

 It's a playful guidebook on how to become more nature connected through a wide range of activities and games.

And it's a personal journey into the spirit of all things.

When you buy this course, you get the content for life! 
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A review:

"From the outset Chris' book was not only easy, relaxed reading (almost like chatting to him in person), but packed with deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful activities which, as Chris says, `You can follow as a course in its own right or simply pick out an activity to suit the moment'. 

Even if you have no experience or confidence, Chris guides you through the ideas behind each activity, the preparation and the activity itself - many of which need little or no resources."

"Practical, insightful, effervescent"

Jay Griffiths author of Wild, Kith and Pip-pip
Preview the first activity here: "Blobsters"

What have people said about it?

"His book is an absolute must for the Forest School Practitioner, the Outdoor Classroom Teacher or parent who feels the need to turn off the T.V. or computer and simply spend some quality time outside (and you really don't need large spaces - a park bench or a shrub in your front garden can become a home for a blobster! And a piece of string becomes a story path)."

"A huge thank you for passing on your wealth of knowledge and brilliantly simple ideas. Brilliant book."
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What's included?

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Welcome from Chris!
A kind of foreword by Dr Martin Maudsley
Chapter One - What are we and where do we come from?
Chapter 1
Activity - Blobsters
Chapter 2 - Survival Basics
S1 Shelter Building
Activity - Blobster Dens and shelter building tips
S2 Fire and fire making
Activity - Making sparks with 'fire-steels' to light tinder
Activity - Flaming Fire Pits
Activity - Five Minute Fire Challenge
S3 Water
Activity - Go on an Elephant Walk
Activity - Filtering Water
Activity - Making Herbal Tea
SB4 Food and foraging
Activity - Fairy Plates
Spokes of a wheel foragers map
Activity - Cook a stir fry of spring greens
Chapter 3 - Sharpening up and using tools
Sharpening up!
Activity - The circle of trust
Activity - Getting familiar with the tool, a fixed blade knife
Activity - Whittling! Learning safe techniques and Using the tool to make 'splitz-kids''
Activity - Making Tongs
A word about Pruning and Coppicing
Activity - Making a bowl with an axe and fire!
Activity - Making a Magic Wand
Chapter 3 3/4
Activity - Seven Directions Poems
Chapter 4 - Senses, beyond the big five
Beyond the big five
Tracking, Signs and asking questions
Activity - Follow that log!
Activity for sight - soaring eagles
Activity for sense of smell -
Activity for touch - Blindfold trail following
Activity for hearing 1- Dear Ears
Activity for hearing 2 - Guard a tree
Activity for taste - Herb walk and blindfold snack time
Activity for intuition - The Moccasin Game
Activity for balance - Balance beam
Activity for sense of direction - The blindfold drum stalk
Chapter 5 - Where am I?
Aidless Navigation and Ways of Lost-Proofing Ourselves
Activity - Which way do you walk?
Activity - making an aerial or birds eye map.
Activity - Songlines or RapMaps
Activity - Find my magic map spot
Chapter 6 - Sneaking
The Sneakret Service and invisibility
Activity - The Sneak in Circle
Activity - The Sneaky Assault Course
Activity - Pheasant and Fox (practicing being still)
Activity - Capture the flag
Chapter 7 - Caretaking
The teaching of the Copse -
Chapter 8 - Bring on the Bards!
Activity - Blobster Tales Pt1 Storylines
Activity - Blobster Tales Pt 2 - How did you get here?
Activity - Name drumming layer cake
Chapter 9 - Wild First Aid
Activity - First Aid Role Play
A Natural First Aid kit
Chapter 10 - Connection, Cordage and Knots
The Story of the Dreamcatcher
Activity - Webbing
Knots, hitches and good ole lashing!
The Figure of Eight
The Reef Knot.
The Fisherman's Knot
Clove Hitch
Square Lashing
The Timber Hitch and Killick Hitch
Quick Release Bowline
Chapter 11 - Community, Citizenship, Feasting and Celebration
Activity - The Human Woodlouse
Activity - Make a group Debris Hut and Totem Pole
Activity - Giveaway Blanket
A Shared Feast - from Pizza to a pot luck meal
Celebration - A leafy firework display
Final bits n bobs
Suggested reading, resources and websites
About Chris Holland and Wholeland

nature connection

HI, Chris Holland here...  I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller and musician.

This site is the home of my inspirational digital media for nature connection and creative, playful outdoor learning. 

I have been helping people of all ages connect with nature, each other and themselves since 2000.

I hope these resources help spread wonder, love and hope for our natural world.

 "Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths, Author of Wild & Kith

"Do you know what? This  course is INSPIRATIONAL!" Sara Collins - Forest school Leader

"This book is a must"  Michael Morpurgo, Author of Warhorse