I love my World FREE SAMPLE by Chris Holland

I love my World FREE SAMPLE

Over 8000 copies sold!

"This is a must for all" Michael Morpurgo

"Practical, Insightful, effervescent"  - Jay Griffiths


This is a free sample of my book I love my world..The playful hands-on guide to nature connection.

It will be available in this format during July 2020. You will be able to pre-order from late June - hopefully from the Summer Solstice. 

This sample is the beginning 20 page... so it's most of the introduction.

If you want to view it online... click here to look at the I love my world course free sections.

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The full quote from Michael Morpurgo...

“Here’s a book which puts children in touch with the natural world. It will open their eyes and their ears, their hearts and their minds, to the countryside. Full of fun and imaginative, practical ideas this book is a must for everyone concerned with children, the environment and the part we must all play in protecting it.”

Now with a 2 for 1 offer the online course comes with a FREE pdf download so you can have the book on your mobile device at any time!

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Help our children feel at home on earth

Over 8000 copies sold!

What have others said about it?

"Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths - author of Kith and Wild

"Great book for ideas for forest school practitioners and anyone wanting ideas for outdoor learning. Easy to read and dip into."

"From the outset Chris' book was not only easy, relaxed reading (almost like chatting to him in person), but packed with deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful activities which, as Chris says, `You can follow as a course in its own right or simply pick out an activity to suit the moment'. Even if you have no experience or confidence, Chris guides you through the ideas behind each activity, the preparation and the activity itself - many of which need little or no resources.

His book is an absolute must for the Forest School Practitioner, the Outdoor Classroom Teacher or parent who feels the need to turn off the T.V. or computer and simply spend some quality time outside (and you really don't need large spaces - a park bench or a shrub in your front garden can become a home for a blobster! And a piece of string becomes a story path)."

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What's included?

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Helping us all align with nature

HI, Chris Holland here... thanks for dropping by my shop!

I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller, publisher and musician with a mission to help us all step into a closer relationship with nature.

Inspiring confidence & connection for a regenerative future.

Here you will find excellent products & courses that help spread connection, wonder, love & hope for our natural world.

 "Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths, Author of Wild & Kith