I love my world - pre-order 2020 colour paperback by Chris Holland

I love my world - pre-order 2020 colour paperback

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First copies going out early July 2020

“Full of fun and imaginative, practical ideas this is must for everyone concerned with children, the environment and the part we must all play in protecting it. “

That’s what Michael Morpurgo had to say about my book, shortly after I gave him a copy to read when I self published the first edition in 2009. 

Now over 8000 copies have been sold. Hooray!

I wrote it for parents, teacher and forest school leaders who wanted stuff to do with their children, to help them grow with a deep connection to nature, the elements of fire, earth, air and water, to help them have an inner sense of direction and care for the world around them.

And now during COVID19 times we have more time with our children, let’s make best use of it!  

I made best use of the time making a full colour version of ILMW, something I had wanted to do for years - (but I didn't expect to sell out of the old version quite so soon!)

In the book there’s ideas for turning the smallest garden into a ‘blobster world’ and a piece of string can take you on adventure! There’s tips on makings dens, lighting fires effectively in all weathers, how to read nature to find water, how to use a knife safely for everyday and bushcraft tasks, blindfold and sneaking games, making things with clay, foraging ideas and stories woven through the text… and more.

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Shipping early July 2020

peek at the insides of the new colour version here:

Meet the designer

This is Bárbara who did the design and layout for the new version of the book - she was so lovely to work with and helped bring the book alive - thank you Bárbara! 

"truly inspirational"

“I can't recommend this book enough! It covers all year groups and I for one can't put the book down. It is truly inspirational.”

"Far beyond a mere collection of outdoor learning activities"

"From the outset Chris' book was not only easy, relaxed reading (almost like chatting to him in person), but packed with deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful activities which, as Chris says, `You can follow as a course in its own right or simply pick out an activity to suit the moment'. Even if you have no experience or confidence, Chris guides you through the ideas behind each activity, the preparation and the activity itself - many of which need little or no resources."
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"This book changed my world and way of thinking.

As a Forest school Practioner it was recommended read and I loved it. It made me laugh it made me cry but above all it made me say yes yes yes! This is how it should be. Thank you Chris Holland for writing and sharing with the world 🌎🙏🏻🌳💚"  Tina
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"There are a lot of books out there, that are full of ideas for encouraging us to take our families away from the TV and back into the great outdoors to re-engage with nature, but for those who want to read just one book on the subject, then this is the one I’d recommend."
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