Natural Musicians

The Natural Musicians Training Course 'Set 1' at Trill Farm 20/22nd September 2019

The Natural Musicians Training Course at Trill Farm This is a not an online course it's an actual person to person one! It's a training weekend for those who would like to become kitted up with loads of innovative activities for delivering a Music Curriculum outdoors through nature connection activities. It's also Nature Interpretation with bells on (and, didgeridoos, guitars and whistles and drums!!!) Discover and learn to share the harmony, literacy, numeracy and science of Nature through fun music based activities. Come along and be part of the birth of a new musical movement, a new harmonic vibration! For more info.... watch the video Or check out the website itself: There will also be some practical craft based activity and you get to make a guiro and a shekere to take home too. Suitable for Teachers, Forest School Leaders, Home Educating Parents, Rangers, Teaching Assistants, and Music teachers alike. This course has previously been filmed and so you will get the whole course as an online resource as well!!! The online course is now available globally, with the hope of inspiring innovation, connection, hope and fun across the world of outdoor education. Come with your Child for free! Discounts for partners and more children too. The plan is to gather on Friday evening for a 9.30am start on the Saturday morning. We have a lot to cover in a timeless way! Dinner will be made for us using Trill Farm ingredients  - all diets catered for. Pls bring your own lunches and breakfasts. We will finish by 4.30 on Sunday afternoon. Based at the lovely Trill Farm Campsite we will visit a number of different habitats in the Farm to learn simple and fun ways to encourage musical collaboration, learn about plants. The campsite at Trill Farm . The campsite has a hearth under an old oak tree, two open barns, one with tables and running water, there's also solar showers, compost loos and amazing views of East Devon countryside. I think it's the perfect place to run back to simplicity courses... and you can get there easily by train and bus. If you can't bring your own tent you can hire one from me or sleep in the communal bell tent. Trill Farm Trill Farm is a 300 acre mixed organic farm set in the rolling hills and woodlands of East Devon. Romy Fraser, who started Neal's Yard Remedies bought the farm in 2008 with the aim of developing an education centre and community of small businesses that could work together to use the land's resources. 
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