The Natural Musicians Training Course 'Set 1' at Trill Farm 20/22nd September 2019 by Chris Holland

The Natural Musicians Training Course 'Set 1' at Trill Farm 20/22nd September 2019

Discover a whole suite of new, musical nature connection activities that develop creative thinking, personal musicality, teamwork and quite possibly some harmony with the planet too!
"My mind is blown with so many good ideas"
Vikki Balaam - Forest School Leader and Dance Specialist

The Natural Musicians Training Course at Trill Farm 20th-22nd Sept 2019

This is a not just an actual 'person to person' course.
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It's a training weekend for 
  • those who would like to become kitted up with loads of innovative activities for delivering a music curriculum outdoors - without the need for musical instruments!!
  • people who want more nature connective team-building ideas
  • folks who want to help others connect with nature
  • people who want more activity ideas to develop creative thinking
  • people who want to bring a little more harmony to the world! 
Bring your children for free!

This is Nature Interpretation with bells on (and, didgeridoos, guitars and whistles and drums!!!) Natural Musicians is a trade mark of Chris Holland

Want to know a bit more? Watch the video!

Explore new ways to encourage musicality in children AND adults.

Discover and learn to share the harmony, literacy, numeracy and science of Nature through fun music based activities.

NO need for musical instruments!

These activities help develop
  1. Creativity
  2. Belonging
  3. Nowness
  4. Flow states
  5. Freedom of expression
  6. Connection to self, each other and nature
  7. Confidence
  8. Fine and gross motor skills.

Come along and be part of the birth of a new musical movement, a new harmonic vibration!

Play with the connective magic of making music!

Natural Musicians activities are now used by the Uk's National Parks Education Rangers team

Suitable for:

  • Classroom Teachers  and Music Teachers alike. 
  • Music Teachers, 
  • Forest School Leaders and Outdoor Educators
  • Team building professional 
  • Scout leaders 
  • Home Educating Parents, 
  • Education Rangers, 
  • Teaching Assistants,Music teachers alike. 

You can watch some feedback from previous participants here:

Practical and lasts a lifetime

 There will also be some practical craft based activity on the course -  you get to make an animal shaped guiro/scraper to take home too - this one will look like a crocodile soon ;-)


Wow! What a truly inspirational and uplifting weekend!
I can't stop singing, listening to music and wanting to sit under trees in the park
Deborah Williams
Chris, can't thank you enough - for your generocity of time, information, ideas and kindness ... and once again, thank you everyone for making a safe space for honesty to flourish and the embers of "daring" to burn brighter!
Vicki Balaam
Thanks for such a beautiful, soulful, heart warming weekend. I feel so inspired by your teaching and such a lovely group of people, each with their own inspiring ideas and ways.
Clare Harrison
Really fun, insightful and full of brilliant useful ideas for seeing, listening and feeling into nature in original ways. Chris gave us lots of entry points to creating sounds using voice, the body and wood, stone and found objects. We made imaginary and real sound maps, played percussive games and made instruments. After two days I feel a great desire to try all these ideas out, especially the songwriting ideas, with the groups of older people that I work with as well as their children and grandchildren.
Jane Saunders

What's the plan?

The plan is to gather on Friday evening for a 9.30am start on the Saturday morning. We have a lot to cover in a timeless way! Dinner will be made for us using Trill Farm ingredients  - all diets catered for. Pls bring your own lunches and breakfasts. We will finish by 4.30 on Sunday afternoon.

trill campfire.jpg 123.21 KB

Based at the lovely Trill Farm Campsite we will visit a number of different habitats in the Farm to learn simple and fun ways to encourage musical collaboration, learn about plants.

The campsite at Trill Farm.
The campsite has a hearth under an old oak tree, two open barns, one with tables and running water, there's also solar showers, compost loos and amazing views of East Devon countryside. I think it's the perfect place to run back to simplicity courses... and you can get there easily by train and bus. If you can't bring your own tent you can hire one from me or sleep in the communal bell tent.

Trill Farm
Trill Farm is a 300 acre mixed organic farm set in the rolling hills and woodlands of East Devon. Romy Fraser, who started Neal's Yard Remedies bought the farm in 2008 with the aim of developing an education centre and community of small businesses that could work together to use the land's resources.  

What's included?

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Thank you and Welcome!
The Course Agenda
Kit List
Getting to Trill

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I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller, publisher and musician with over 20 years experience on a mission to help us all step into a closer relationship with nature. 

It is my hope these resources inspire confidence & connection in leaders and educators, for a regenerative future.

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More fab feedback here...

The Natural Musicians retreat is a very creative, expansive and most importantly, enjoyable weekend immersed in nature, music and rhythm.   It is brimming with exciting, inventive ways of working with music, sound, language and rhythm using nature as a muse, backdrop and percussive instrument.  You will learn many wonderful and artistic activities and perhaps more importantly, awaken your own capacity to get creative with what you can find, use and be inspired by all around you.  It is also a wonderful communal experience, deep in nature, enfolded in her cloak of stars.  What are you waiting for?  The world is your acorn.
Clare Harrison