Whole Learning story pack 1: How Dragonfly came to be by Chris Holland

Whole Learning story pack 1: How Dragonfly came to be

Learn to tell a timeless tale.

  • Gain confidence to tell stories orally
  • Acquire New skills
  • professional tips and tricks. 
  • Provide whole body learning for your students.

With CBeebies special guest and internationally known outdoor educator Chris Holland.

Connect people to the wonders of nature and self with this mini storytelling and wholistic learning course.

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For working with children or adult learners...

This is what you get:
  • 10 minute story video of Chris telling an fun creation myth
  • a hand drawn storyboard to help you remember the story at a glance
  • 30+ fun filled activities for learning, linked to the story in the video
  • 10 questions you must ask yourself to unleash your storytellers voice
  • telling tips and tricks explained
  • MID TERM PLANS FOR TEACHERS! Save time planning with specially developed resources developed by Rachel Higginson, Creative Educational Consultant.
  • mp3 download and more!

"This course is absolutely incredible"

Like all the other packs in the Whole Learning storytelling for outdoor learning course series this one contains a video of Chris Holland telling the story, the storyboard, bundles of outdoor learning ideas and the Mid Term Plans, professional tellers tips and trick, questions to unleash your storytellers voice... and more.

Loads of cross curricular, wholistic learning ideas!

Here's Chris...

Talking about the Storytelling for outdoor learning year course... which these Whole Learning Story Packs are made up from:

What's included?

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Starting a story
How dragonfly came to be..mp4
14 mins
Storyboard: image
1.18 MB
Storyboard download
1.2 MB
How Dragonfly came to be Audio download
14 mins
History and Lineage
Tips and Tricks
Questions before you start
Activity - Clay creature creations
Curriculum links brainstorm
128 KB
Mid-Term Plans
146 KB
Exclusive Bonus Section
Story references.docx
14.1 KB
Curriculum references STFOL.doc
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