Whole Learning story pack 11: Mikku and the Trees by Chris Holland

Whole Learning story pack 11: Mikku and the Trees

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Like all the other packs in the Whole Learning storytelling for outdoor learning course series this one contains a video of Chris Holland telling the story, the storyboard, bundles of outdoor learning ideas and the Mid Term Plans, professional tellers tips and trick, questions to unleash your storytellers voice... and more.

Gain confidence to tell and save hours of planning!

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What's included?

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Mikku and the Trees.mp4
13 mins
Mikku Storyboard image
246 KB
Mikku Storyboard pdf download
250 KB
Mikku and the trees mp3 download
13 mins
Lineage and History
Tips and Tricks
Questions before you tell
Curriculum Links Brainstorm
Mid Terms plans/In-depth Curriculum Links
2.5 MB
My love for you - the song
1 min
Bonus activity: The five minute fire challenge - from my book I love my world

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