Story 11 - Mikku and the Trees by Chris Holland

Story 11 - Mikku and the Trees

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Mikku and the Trees.mp4
13 mins
Mikku Storyboard image
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Mikku Storyboard pdf download
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Mikku and the trees mp3 download
13 mins
Lineage and History
Tips and Tricks
Questions before you tell
Curriculum Links Brainstorm
Mid Terms plans/In-depth Curriculum Links
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My love for you - the song
1 min
Bonus activity: The five minute fire challenge - from my book I love my world

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HI, Chris Holland here...  I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller and musician.

This site is the home of my digital media, products & courses for nature connection & creative, playful outdoor education. 

I have been helping people of all ages connect with nature, each other & themselves since 2000.

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