Story 5 - Why frogs are timid by Chris Holland

Story 5 - Why frogs are timid

Chris tells a Dreamtime tale from Australia about Frogs, a whirlwind, and the power of words, with Chris playing a spiral didgeridoo!

"This is just what I needed to bring my topics alive"

This is what you get:
  • 10 minute story video of Chris telling a Dreamtime Tale
  • a hand drawn storyboard to help you remember the story at a glance
  • 30+ fun filled activities for learning, linked to the story in the video
  • 10 questions you must ask yourself to unleash your storytellers voice
  • telling tips and tricks explained
  • MID TERM PLANS FOR TEACHERS! A complete guide for a creative wholistic curriculum in class
  • mp3 download and more!
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This is part of something bigger...

This story resource is a complete section of Chris's Storytelling for Outdoor Learning Year course -13 stories, confidence building tips and tricks, mid term plans, storyboards and more... if you like this maybe you will want to do the rest of the course ;-) 

It's been getting some great feedback.

This is what one teacher has to say about it:

"A brilliant course with thoughtful resources"

"This course has given me the skills and confidence to use stories in my work, with more success than I could ever hope for! All the stories have really resonated with the groups I work with ... just a brilliant course with thoughtful resources! Thank you Chris!"
Vikki Balaam
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What's included?

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Why frogs are timid.mp4
9 mins
Storyboard image
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Storyboard image
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Why frogs are timid Audio Download
7 mins
Lineage and History
Tips and Tricks
Questions Before You Tell
Activity Guide
Curriculum Links brainstorm
Mid Term Plans/in depth curriculum links
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