"Storytelling for the Terrified" A day retreat at Trill Farm Campsite 20th September 2019 by Chris Holland

"Storytelling for the Terrified" A day retreat at Trill Farm Campsite 20th September 2019

A day of storytelling practice and nature connection for budding storytellers.


A day of storytelling practice and nature connection for budding storytellers. It's a chance to practice your craft, grow and blossom in the company of professional storyteller and nature connection practitioner Chris Holland and friends.

The plan is to gather at the campsite on Thursday afternoon and evening, for time to shake off the road dust, land, and meet the other participants.

There will be a communal 'Tentipi' tent up if you want to sleep in it, with woodburner if cold.

If you can't make it on Thursday, come on Friday morning at 9, to start at 9.30 and use this link to buy the day only course: https://www.natureconnection.co.uk/storytellersretreat?coupon=FRIDAYONLY

The Friday morning will start with an optional dawn sit spot for those who have stayed over the night before.

From 9.30 on Friday morning will be spend time learning some new stories, or working on ones you know already. We will also do some playful confidence building activities, vocal warm ups and voice projection exercises. There will be more time for preparation before having a go at telling the stories around the fire around from mid afternoon.

We aim to Finish at 5pm. 

You are invited to stay on for the Natural Musicians training Weekend too if you fancy something awesomely musically inspiring!

Please bring your own breakfast and lunch. Thursday night dinner will be provided, using  Trill Farm Organic ingredients - all diets provided for - just let me know.

Here's some feedback from previous participants:

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Here's a testimonial from Clare H

 If you're wondering whether to take the plunge and expose yourself to the chilling, thrilling waters of storytelling, then wonder no more.  Dive in and feel the joyful thrill of launching yourself into an adventure.  Chris will be there to guide you and lead you with his gentle, playful energy and soon you'll be free and swimming off into the sunlit waters and dark pools of the river of lyrical language.  You'll enjoy the childlike, delight of listening, wide-eyed to stories around a campfire and discover that you too have something to offer and that others will be delighted to hear.  You'll learn tricks and tips and most of all confidence in your own words, your own voice, the language of your soul.  Come on in, the water's lovely!
Clare Harrison