The whole-tarp-awning - a British made tarpaulin/awning by Chris Holland

The whole-tarp-awning - a British made tarpaulin/awning

7m x 6m, whole class sized, premium quality 'tarp-awning' for outdoor events and learning. Price now includes delivery.

The Whole-Tarp-Awning

This is for a real 7m x 6m tarp... not an online course!!

NOW AVAILABLE IN FOREST GREEN TOO - just let me know which colour you want.

"The quality is second to none" Danny English, CommuniTree

Fit a whole class under this tarp in rain and shine!

After years of making do with parachutes and smaller tarps, ( I have been working in outdoor ed since 2000) and then experimenting with a few designs, I am proud to present the 'Whole-Tarp-Awning'.

Perfect temporary cover for your large group. This is not designed to be left up all year.

The design sketch

Gently scalloped edges enable 'pool free' spreading, while having a traditional, bespoke look.

You can also erect it with poles and ropes, or use it as an awning.

Eyelets and loops at all fixing points around the edges, central loop in the middle for hanging it from.

Even with reinforced attachments, due to its size it is not very suitable for strong winds, like any large tarp.

It comes in a drawstring bag.

Ropes are not included. This is because everyone has their own site and rope preferences! I recommend 8mm rope is used - you can have fun choosing  your colour and fibre type.

Delivery can take up to three weeks if I don't have any in stock.

Nice brass eyelets too!

"The quality is second to none"

"The quality is second to none, every element has been well thought out from the high quality webbing and stitching to the secured metal ring. Having been through a number of tarps I’m sure this is THE best I’ve encountered, that’s including my time in the USA too."

"Aesthetically it is beautiful and the colour allows the light to cascade through in a very subtle way creating a real ambience that doesn’t interfere too much with the Forests natural awe."
Danny English, CommuniTree