The Mid Term Plans Bundle!

The useful, relevant and inspiring Mid Term Plans!

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What are these for?

These Mid Term Plans link the stories to hundreds of ideas for extended learning opportunities across all subjects. 

They are to help teachers & home educators have at least 6 weeks of planned ideas for each story. 

What are they?

Each Mid Term Plan is a word document you can download and use to do your planning for you - well, most of it!

Good Value & saves you loads of time!!

At only £10 each, for hours and hours of planning and lesson activity ideas, they help teachers get more out of the stories and facilitate a creative curriculum that children will love to be involved with.

What's included?

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01 How Dragonflies came to be MTP.docx
20.3 KB
02 How Robin got his Red Breast MTP's.docx
215 KB
03 Rainbow Makers MTP's.docx
218 KB
04 Wise Fool MTP's.docx
1.87 MB
05 Why Frogs are MTP's.docx
70.2 KB
06 Grandfather Rock MTP's.docx
329 KB
07 The World Fruit Tree MTP's.docx
1.13 MB
08 Fox Brings fire MTP's.docx
1.35 MB
09 The Glass Cupboard MTP's.docx
319 KB
10 Old Oak Tree and Young Oak Tree MTP's.docx
287 KB
11 Mikku and the trees MTP's.docx
2.53 MB
12 The Curupira and the greedy hunter MTP's.docx
394 KB

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