FREE! The Storyteller's Playbook by Chris Holland

FREE! The Storyteller's Playbook

Learn to tell a timeless tale... Gain confidence with professional tips and tricks. Connect people to the wonders of nature and self with this FREE mini storytelling and wholistic learning course worth £30!

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"This course is inspirational"

For working with children or adult learners...

This is what you get:
  • 10 minute story video of Chris telling an ancient Chinese fable
  • a hand drawn storyboard to help you remember the story at a glance
  • 30+ fun filled activities for learning, linked to the story in the video
  • 10 questions you must ask yourself to unleash your storytellers voice
  • telling tips and tricks explained
  • MID TERM PLANS FOR TEACHERS! A complete guide for a creative wholistic curriculum in class
  • mp3 download and more!
The Storyteller's Playbook is a complete mini version of the Storytelling for Outdoor Learning Year course.
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Lots of Freebies!

Enroll to access the free video and goodies... and then sit back and I will tell you a story of The Stone Cutter: An ancient tale from Asia I filmed on Dartmoor. 
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What do you gain from the course?

  • Increased confidence and new skills to captivate audiences
  • A new story to tell
  • A printable storyboard
  • Oracy and Public speaking skills
  • If you are a teacher - mid term plans for a creative, wholistic curriculum done for you!
  • Loads of ideas for linking the stories to your curriculum
  • Inspiration & activities for taking learning outside
  • Top tips to improve your storytelling
  • Mentoring to unleash your storytellers voice
  •  Join a community of budding storytellers through the Facebook groups
  • ...all the secondary benefits to health and happiness of taking  personal development and learning outside and connecting with nature!!

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Learn Visually

Pssst... here's a sneaky preview of the hand drawn storyboard!

Praise for this course:


Do you know what? This is INSPIRATIONAL! I love the story, the background information, the ideas. Its a fabulous resource. Its also very supportive recognizing that its not always easy to tell a story. 

Sara Collins
Really Good!

I think it was a really good setup - with you telling the story first and then all sorts of different spin offs. Especially I liked the beautiful storyboard, the way you told about your childhood carving and the life in the soil and the learning... 
My Kjellburg
An inspiring adventure into storyland

I found the taster easy to access and well laid out, bursting with ideas for further learning opportunities. I tend to lack a little confidence when telling stories. This is the boost I needed.
Jemma Robinson
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Who is Chris Holland?

HI... I've been an outdoor educator since 2000, forest school leader since 2004, I self published my first book I love my world in 2009 and it's now sold over 7000 copies! I think stories hold power & magic, and good stories are certainly worth sharing.

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 4 files Text Icon 7 text files


Welcome to The Storyteller's Playbook
The Story of the Stone Cutter
9 mins
Stonecutter Storyboard
1.31 MB
History and Lineage
Tips and Tricks
Questions to unleash your storytellers voice!
The Stone Carver Audio only Download
9 mins
Activity Guide - Making and carving PVA mudrock
Nature Based Activity & Curriculum Link Ideas
127 KB
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More resources from Chris Holland in here...
Example Mid Term Plans! ;-)
146 KB

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HI, Chris Holland here...  I am a passionate and playful outdoor educator, storyteller and musician.

This site is the home of my inspirational digital media for nature connection and creative, playful outdoor education. 

I have been helping people of all ages connect with nature, each other and themselves since 2000.

These resources help spread wonder, love and hope for our natural world.

 "Practical, insightful, effervescent" Jay Griffiths, Author of Wild & Kith