Whole Learning story pack bundle by Chris Holland

Whole Learning story pack bundle

All the stories from the Storytelling for Outdoor Learning year course and the Mid Term Plans in a bundle. Save £180

This is everything!

This bundle contains all 13 stories and the mid term plans.

Save £210 on buying the stories individually.
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What's included?

The Storyteller's Playbook

"This course is inspirational" Video based, storytelling short course with loads of outdoor learning ideas.

Whole Learning story pack 10: The Old Oak Tree and the Young Oak Tree

A British story about the seasons, dealing with change, coping with fears, the wisdom of elders and a song to unite it all.

Whole Learning story pack 11: Mikku and the Trees

A Latvian tale about loss, the generosity and harshness of nature, and the carelessness of adolescence.

Whole Learning story pack 12: The Curupira and the Greedy Hunter

An Amazonian folk tale about respect for traditions and the folly and selfishness of human greed.

Whole Learning story pack 1: How Dragonfly came to be

An enjoyable and engaging creation story with fun activities and lots of links to mini beasts and numeracy.

Whole Learning story pack 2 - How Robin got his red breast

 A hearty tale about courage, doing the best you can with what you've got, and standing up for what you love.

Whole Learning story pack 3 - The Rainbow Makers

An Achomawi myth about how Rainbows came to be, that links to teamwork, climate change and thinking as if all life matters.

Whole Learning story pack 4: The Wise Fool

A light hearted and witty wisdom tale from France about creative conflict resolution, marketplace and jesters of old.

Whole Learning story pack 5: Why frogs are timid

A didgeridoo accompanied tale from Australia about the power of words, growth mindset and watching the weather.

Whole Learning story pack 6: Grandfather Rock and the Coming of Stories

A folk tale from North American about how stories came to be, how rocks support life, and the power of bringing our voice to the world.

Whole Learning story pack 7: The World Fruit Tree

An engaging and musical story from the heart of the rainforest about how fruit came to grow all over the world.

Whole Learning story pack 8: Fox Brings Fire

A dramatic tale of empathy, survival, volcanoes and the secret of how Fire came to be hidden in the trees.

Whole Learning story pack 9: The Glass Cupboard

A modern fairy tale about give and take, making best of an unfortunate event and the wisdom of a generous and humble King.