There is a lot to give thanks for. First, All My Relations, second, All My relations, and third, All my Relations! No, seriously, I give thanks for all those elders, seen and unseen, who have been guardians and mentors of the various skills, activities, games and stories I share with you in this book. 

Specifically I would like to thank Dom for walking through many formative doorways with me and for his unfaltering brotherly love; Adam Rose for introducing me to the plant people; Mr Bodger, Andy Letcher, Patrick Whitefield and Jon Cree for helping me know I am a teacher; Thomas Schorr-Kon for his teachings, friendship and introducing me to the teachings of Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr and Jon Young who has been a great source of inspiration and in later years a mentor; To Chris Salisbury and all at WildWise for the fertile testing grounds; Richard Irvine for fine words, suggestions and help with the editing; Many children past and present at Otterton School; The British government for working families tax credits that tided me over while writing the book version and supported me as I started being self employed. Dottie for the title, Mum, Jo and Angela Hanna for reading through the manuscript, Lucy Archer for the curriculum links and saving the best for last, my wife Wizz, who helped shape this book and make it possible by doing the lioness’s share of looking after our children while I sat at the Mac.

I love my world - paper free & Epub - 9000+ copies sold!

Full of stories, games, activities and skills to help us all feel at home on earth and care for life on this planet.

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