The Storyteller's Playbook - for teachers and educators

with CBBC special guest Chris Holland
Welcome to The Storyteller's Playbook
The Story of the Stone Cutter
9 mins
One way to remember an oral story - the storyboard.
Stonecutter Storyboard
1.31 MB
History and Lineage
Tips and Tricks
Questions to unleash your Storyteller's voice!
The Stone Carver Audio only Download
9 mins
More resources and story videos here.
Activities to do off the back of the story
Example Mid Term Plans! ;-)
146 KB
Activity Guide - Making and carving PVA mudrock
Nature Based Activity & Curriculum Link Ideas
127 KB
Game: The Storyteller's Chair
nature connection stuff to do now, indoors or out
What's next?
Can I tempt you with one more story for £10 - that's 75% off
Helping each other out.
12 more stories, professional tips and storytelling tricks - and hundreds of ideas for outdoor learning!
Chris Holland has some other online resources in here...
Training for Teachers and Educators
CPD, INSET, Nature-Centric Leadership and more.
Find out ore about Natural Musicians
Stepping into a closer relationship with nature
Helping businesses step closer to nature
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