The Storyteller's Playbook - for teachers and educators

with CBBC special guest Chris Holland
Welcome to The Storyteller's Playbook
The Story of the Stone Cutter
9 mins
One way to remember an oral story - the storyboard.
Stonecutter Storyboard
1.31 MB
History and Lineage
Tips and Tricks
Questions to unleash your Storyteller's voice!
The Stone Carver Audio only Download
9 mins
Game: The Storyteller's Chair
nature connection stuff to do now, indoors or out
Nature Based Activity & Curriculum Link Ideas
127 KB
Activity Guide - Making and carving PVA mudrock
Example Mid Term Plans! ;-)
146 KB
Helping each other out.
More resources and story videos here.
What's next?
12 more stories!
Chris Holland has some other online resources in here...
Training for Teachers and Educators
CPD, INSET, Nature-Centric Leadership and more.
Find out ore about Natural Musicians
Stepping into a closer relationship with nature
Helping businesses step closer to nature
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